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Welcome to National Group of Companies!

Our Business

The National Group of Companies is a leading integrated consulting services firm in North America. We specialize in offering our clients support in R&D tax, accounting, corporate tax, and personal tax advisory services. As a single entity across North America, we bring the most knowledgeable specialists to our clients no matter where they are located.

Our Vision is to become valued long-term consulting service providers who help new and emerging companies to reliably build the shortest path from R&D to R&D tax credits.

Our Mission is to offer our clients great quality service and efficient use of personnel time at highly competitive rates.

Our Services

R&D Tax

  • Full Service Package – We provide technical, financial, tax preparation, and audit support for your company.
  • Amendments to Previous Claims – If you believe you underclaimed in the previous fiscal year, let us help re-evaluate andamend the claim.
  • Advanced Process Improvements – We provide advanced expertise in strengthening your existing and new tracking systemsto ensure your ITC recovery is maximized during audit defense.
  • Project Management Tracker – Upon signing up with National, we provide a simple and effective program to help you track projects to ensure audit proof defense for future claims.
  • Automated Materials Tracking – For medium and large size companies, we can help develop an automated tracking system to further maximize your claim size.
  • Supply Chain Agreements – Periodically, agreements can be made where we perform the R&D & claim the ITCs. You are then provided with up front cash savings as opposed to waiting for ITCs during tax season.
  • Additional Government Programs & Tax Credits – We will actively investigate and help you identify and claim additional incentive programs such as Digital media credits, IRAP, TPC, etc.